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Introduction to Structural Health Monitoring

Structural health monitoring (SHM) is a continuously evolving science, aiming to monitor the load and defect to infrastructures. Modern Structural Health Monitoring uses sensors to gather information on the condition of infrastructure. It is essential to prevent disaster, but also to offer cost-effective maintenance. CitiOS Structural Health Monitoring will help to predict whether infrastructures changes in time and take necessary measures to overcome various defects. By leveraging blockchain technology, CitiOS can greatly reduce the laborious effort from manual verification of engineering, but more importantly, can save lives. CitiOS project addresses the pain-points of traditional SHM and propose an Information-driven ecosystem at the delight of the users.

What CitiOS offer

Open software architecture

Easy third party integration

Pay For Data

Open the market to sell SHM data


Blockchain-based security & no single point of failure


No centralized management Counterfeit data proofed


Facilitate communication between devices & networks


Lower installment cost with monthly subscription offering, cost sharing possibilities


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